What is Credit Card Judgement Against You

If you are in default on a credit card account, the credit card company may try get a credit card debt judgement against you via means of filing an actual lawsuit.  If the credit card company is successful in getting a judgement, the floodgates open and they can now use many different kids of collection methods to make sure you pay your bill.

First Things First, What is Credit Card Judgement Against You

A judgment is an order entered by a court of law indicating the court’s findings. A judgment gives the creditor the right to use additional collection methods to collect the debt owed to them.

An Example Credit Card Judgement
The credit card company proves to the court that you owe them $1000, a court may enter a judgment saying that you owe $1000 (plus costs and interest). The creditor may then use the additional collection methods to get paid.

How does a credit card company obtain a judgement?

  1. File a lawsuit in civil court against you
  2. File a document called a complaint
  3. Deliver the complaint to you

Ways a company will actually win the judgement

  • Winning at Trial
  • Winning a motion for summary judgement
  • Getting a default judgement
  • Getting a judgement as part of a settlement