How to save money for Christmas

It is that time of year again when we load-up the cart and buy Christmas presents for everyone. If your wallet is a bit thin but you still want to buy that special someone a great Christmas present, you may benefit from some these how to save money for Christmas tips.

Plan Ahead
You know Christmas is coming and you need to save money.  Start by putting in a very small amount into a jar each day.  Maybe it’s a quarter, maybe it’s a dollar, but planning and getting to the saving routine is the most important part.

Go All Cash
Ditch the credit cards and put your monthly budget in an envelope as cash.  Doing so will prevent you from spending the additional $5 here on coffee, $6 there on chips and a drink and keep more of your cash in your wallet.

Setup An Automatic Savings Plan
Most online banks allow you to setup a recurring savings plan.  Setup a $10/wk deposit from your checking account into a savings account.  You won’t miss it when it comes out, but when you have a few hundred bucks in your Christmas account come holiday time you won’t believe it!

Sell Old Stuff
Have a garage sale or post some ads on Craigslist and try sell some of your belongings.  $20 here and there can add up quickly and pad your Christmas budget.

Pay Yourself
If you are a coffee drinker or spend small amounts of money elsewhere, pay yourself the difference every time you brew a cup of joe at home.  Brew a cup of coffee and stick a $5 bill in a jar.

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