Microsoft Cuts XBox Price by $50 ahead of Holiday Shopping Season

In attempt to win back some customers and pick some new ones, Microsoft – the maker of the XBox, has recently slashed its price of the Xbox from $399 down to $349.

When Can I Get the Cheap XBox?

Look for the discounted XBox console or bundle from November 2, 2014 through January 3, 2014.  The discount will be on the cheapest XBox model and will price it nearly 13% lower than the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), trying to win back customers for its Xbox One game console from Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, will cut $50 from the unit’s price next month ahead of the holiday shopping season.

With Or Without the Kinect Sensor

You will be able to purchase the XBox with or without the Kinect sensor for those trying to save a little cash.  This means you can get the straight-up lowest model of the XBox for $349 or opt for the more expensive bundle that includes the motion sensing Kinect Sensor.

Microsoft has sold 2.4 million Xbox consoles in the three months ended in September, the company said last week.