Sex Change Insurance Coverage Is Becoming More Common

According to a recent report from Aetna, all health plans offered to federal workers in 2015 will offer some sort of coverage for sex-change operations – wow.

Why Did Aetna Change their Sex Change Insurance Coverage Policy?

  • Medical consensus that treatment is considered medically necessary
  • Medical consensus that treatment is psychological

How are the federal sex change policies funded?

According to Aetna and the Federal Exployee Health Program, most of the coverage is funded by U.S. tax dollars.  And according to the new federal guidelines, insurance companies can continue to exclude the coverage for gender reassignment surgery or they can include it.

A More Broad Acceptance of Gender Reassignment Surgery

So you may be wondering why Aetna has decided to provide coverage for gender reassignment surgery as they have recently decided to include it in all 33 federal plans.  Most of the change is due to the Human Rights advocacy and corporate equality campaigns which have focused on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.

I would be surprised if the government had a hand in pushing Aetna to include the coverage int he plans as the government does not want to appear to discriminate against anyone.

Sex Change Coverage Is Becoming Widely Available in Corporate policies

From 2009 to date, the number of companies that have at least one health plan that covers gender reassignment surgery has grown by 291 companies according to the Corporate Equality Index.  This increase includes both federan and private sector companies.

Anti-Discrimination Laws Also Influential in Sex Change Insurance

Just within the past year, the anti-discrimination laws in Connecticut now prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression.  Due to this law, many health insurance companies can not write plans that discriminate coverage based on treatment for gender dysphoria!  When it is deemed medially necessary, the plan must cover it.

So What Is Covered with Sex Change Insurance?

Some of the medical procedures and services covered are:

  • hormone therapy
  • mental health care
  • preventative services
  • transition-related services

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