Cloud/Client Computing – Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

It seems only a few years ago big companies were trying to convey to customers what the “cloud” was and why it was important, safe, secure, and will bring forth awesomeness to everything.  Now that the cloud is part of everyday life, it is pretty interesting to see Gartner putting more emphasis on cloud computing as a trend for 2015.

The convergence of cloud and mobile computing will continue to promote the growth of centrally coordinated applications that can be delivered to any device.

Why is cloud computing a trend for 2015?

I believe we’re seeing cloud computing as a trend for 2015 because after several years of maturity, cloud computing has become a integral part to way big companies do business – cloud computing is not going away anytime soon and will become more prevalent across platforms and devices.

In order to make money, businesses will cheapen hardware and software prices and make their money on services.  You can not offer reliable, enterprise-level services without a cloud to power it.

Cloud Computing is the Backbone for the majority of Technology Trends for 2015

Think about it.  All of the technology trends we see happening in 2015 are all backed by massive amounts of data and cloud computing.  From sensor technology to the internet of things, most technology trends are pointing to big data – and you can’t have big data without a cloud in which to store it!

How To Invest in Cloud Computing for 2015

There are several stocks poised to provide great opportunities for investments in cloud computing.  A few stocks to watch are:

Level3 (LVLT)
Level3 provides cloud and data center services along with a host of other netowrk services.  They were recently added to the S&P 500 and would be a great play for the era of cloud computing

F5 Networks
F5 is a very interesting play for 2015 and beyond as they are focused on application delivery and scalability. F5 Synthesis is designed to address today’s significant application challenges and enable you to deliver them to anyone, anywhere, at any time.