Stock Market News for October 30, 2014

[3:20 pm]

  • Visa’s earnings does not necessarily show a strong consumer
  • Look for increased volatility now that QE is over
  • Energy stocks are down and it may be a good time to get back in…  buy the drillers (SLB, HAL)

[3:05 pm]

Are European Stocks Poised to Rally?

  • The odds are good for Europe to follow the US markets
  • Many things would need to go right
  • Let’s hope Europe moves ahead with quantitative easing – it is good for equities
  • May still be better to be invested in the US
  • The play may to be short the Euro and long the stock market
  • European central bank does not have quite the freedom of the US which may make their market not follow suit of the US markets if QE is implemented.

[2:55 pm]

Earnings Reports After The Bell

  • LinkedIn
  • Groupon
  • Starbucks
  • GoPro

[2:40 pm]

Europe has alot of stimulus hitting and could be a great place to invest for the next 12 months.

[2:30 pm]

Dow Close to All-Time High @ 17,160  +185

  • We could still see higher volatility
  • Overseas investments may be a better value right now
  • Russia, Brazil, Europe
  • VISA up 10% and accounting for the majority of the upside in the DOW today
  • GDP report shows us that we’ll see solid economic growth out of the US which will drive earnings and push stocks higher
  • Utilities are leading the market today, technology is getting hit
  • Inventory correction in the computing market – Intel and Micron take a dive
  • Big oil is getting hammered again

[1:00 pm]

Investing Strategies for Post Quantitative Easing

  • Investment philosophy should not really change – tapering is tightening
  • Investors can look at the Fed as the economy is improving
  • GDP was at 3.5% growth
  • We like high stability and dividend paying stocks
  • Sectors To Invest In: Technology, Healthcare, Industrials
  • Consumer Discretionary

[10:35 am]

The Future of Apple Pay

  • The retail group MCX is reported to be playing nice with Apple Pay
  • Retailers will not be fined if they accept Apple Pay
  • Retailers are in a tough position – consumers should really have the ability to decide
  • Contract with CurrentC has a non-compete, but there was not Apple Pay or NFC payments
  • CurrentC is telling the retailers they can’t take Apple Pay, but they don’t have an alternative
  • Retailers really just want to eliminate the credit card fees where MCX (now CurrentC) would tie to the bank account to eliminate fees for retailers

[10:31 am]

Two Key Executives Leave Twitter

  • Twitter does not have a clear vision – all they have is news addicts and following celeberties
  • Maybe Twitter is a one-trick pony?
  • Twitter is trying to break into advertising
  • Morale at Twitter seems mixed – not everyone is upset, but we have a power struggle in engineering.
  • Twitter is trading at 20x revenue
  • The executives voluntarily left

[10:22 am]

F5 Networks Posts Great Q3 Earnings

  • CEO will be leaving in 2015
  • F5 is involved in security and application delivery
  • CEO does not see explosion of apps slowing down anytime soon
  • Security spending is increasing dramatically
  • Mobile traffic is increasing at high rates – machine to machine and vehicles connected to the internet

[10:15 am]

 Rough quarter for Samsung

  • Handset business is slowing down
  • Galaxy did not sell well – customers waiting to buy the iPhone 6
  • Profit sunk by 49%
  • Revenue is in services – get the hardware cheap and make money on services
  • Poor margins
  • Samsung is actually losing market share – down to 25% from 33%

[10:10 am]

 Microsoft Unveils “The Microsoft Band”

  • Strong focus on fitness and designed to be worn all day
  • Tracks heart rate, sleep, exercise patterns
  • Microsoft wants to get in before Apple and before the holidays
  • 48 hours of battery life
  • Works with Windows Phone, Android and iOS
  • Priced at $199
  • Around 1/2 of the population wear watches and of those, 1/2 to 1/3 would wear a smart watch

[10:05 am]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces He is Gay

While I have never denied my sexuality, I haven’t publicly acknowledged it either, until now… So let me be clear:  I’m proud to be gay , and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me”

[9:59 am]

Cleveland Cavaliers Season Opener – Lebron James Returns

  • Huge game tonight – Lebron Returns – huge financial impacts
  • The spotlight of the world is on Cleveland
  • Ticket Prices did not go up
  • New moblie app launched for the Cavaliers

[9:57 am]

Cigna Rises due to Earnings beat

Cigna gained today, up by more 3%.  Cigna reported profits of $1.95/share which beat estimates by almost 13%.  Cigna also raised full year earnings outlook.

  • Cigna fell 9% last quarter due to poor margins
  • Difference between Q2 and Q3 was a difference tied to the public exchanges with growth at the top and bottom line.
  • Cigna gave long-term guidance of 7-8 years down the road.  Look for company to double over the next 7-8 years.  Business they are involved in outside of the US will grow.
  • Cigna has industry leading margins and outstanding cash flow.
  • Keep focus on individuals and physicians
  • Cigna has invested in themselves through inorganic expansion.  1.4B has been returned to share holders.
  • The nature of the business results in free cash flow

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