Stock Picks and Insight for November 2015

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)

  • Success in lung cancer trial
  • Hit 13-year high

Taser International (TASR)

  • Q3 beat on every metric
  • Profits should be higher going forward


  • GoPro may be a one-trick pony – be skeptical – consumer electronics is a rough market
  • Will GOPRO be able to morph itself into a media company is the big question.
  • Getting free advertising from the videos
  • Not much of a barrier to entry – could YouTube/Google Acquire GoPro them?
  • May want to wait until it is at a more attractive multiple
  • Stock has a 40% short interest – it will probably come down


  • Don’t buy at $200
  • Significant progress in member growth

Starbucks (SBUX)

  • Good buy in the low $70s, sell in the $80s

Citi Group (C)

  • Will be reducing third quarter profits due to increase in legal costs
  • Q3 eps cut to $.88 from $1.07
  • We should be Long CitiGroup if we get a major sell-off
  • Maybe get back into Wells Fargo on a dip as opposed to Citi