Web-Scale IT – Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015

According to Gartner, 2015 will usher-in an era when every company will have a private cloud – not just a few servers, but massive clouds – data centers – it will be HUGE!

Web-scale IT is a pattern of global-class computing that delivers the capabilities of large cloud service providers within an enterprise IT setting. More organizations will begin thinking, acting and building applications and infrastructure like Web giants such as Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Why Will Companies need Web-Scale IT Departments?

The need for web-scale IT ties in beautifully to Gartner’s other top technology trends of the Internet of Things and Computing Everywhere. ¬†Businesses are going to have the ability to track our every move at the desktop, mobile and in places. ¬†Successful businesses will have a means of capturing this data and being able to act upon it.

In order to be able to store, process, act upon and provide services for the data collected, these companies are going to need web-scale IT in order to do that.

The Six Components of Web-Scale IT

So, aside from large data centers, there are other components that go into running an IT organization at “web-scale”

  1. Industrial data centers
  2. Web-oriented architectures
  3. Programmable management
  4. Agile processes
  5. A collaborative organization style
  6. A learning culture

Web-Scale IT will Disrupt the Typical IT Infrastructure Model

The trend of Web-scale IT is an extreme departure of the way IT organizations have done business in the past Рit is disruptive.  Operating at Web-scale requires IT organizations to move extremely fast and deploy and manage massive infrastructure at speeds never thought possible.

Welcome Infrastructure Automation

In order to operate your IT organization at Web-scale, we need to look at the idea of infrastructure automation in a software-defined environment.

In a software defined environment:

  1. IT becomes simplified
  2. IT becomes responsive to changing requirements
  3. IT becomes adaptive through atomation

This is not easy to achieve.

Huge companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon have the resources to build their own custom hyperscale websites, but at the present moment not all other companies have this ability.

As the demand for this rises, look for large software solutions to become available for corporations to quickly and rapidly deploy Web-scale clouds for varying business needs.