What Can Salesforce Do for Nonprofits

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce Inc. is a global cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though best known for its customer relationship management (CRM) product,Salesforce has also expanded into commercial applications of social networking through acquisition.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for “Contact Relationship Manager”.  Often times people will substitute the word “Customer” for “Contact”.  This sytem will take our contacts and help us manage our relationships with all of our contacts.

As a non-profit, you will track contact information.  This can be used to track people inside or outside of your organization.  These contacts could include employees, political figures, donors or people you want to make contact with at sometime in the future.  You can keep track of names, email addresses, phone numbers etc.

You could track which people are making or are not making donations.  You can keep track of when and how much they have donated and when to give them a phone call if it has been a while since they last donated.  by tracking this type of information, you can develop and continue relationships with your contacts which can help efficiency and increase donations coming into the organization.

Understanding How a CRM Works

Think of your CRM as an old library-card catalog.  Data is stored in “records” and each contact has a single “record”.  you can store the data for a contact onto this digital “card” in salesforce.  Salesforce displays information graphically.  When you want to view the information for a contact, it is displayed graphically on the screen.

You can track social media like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn.  You can also track opportunities, the last time you contacted them and keep track of all communication with your donors and contacts.  You can then track and manage the data which is the power of the CRM.  You can generate reports on the data which is a big deal.

How using a CRM can Increase Donations

Through the power of data and reporting a CRM can definitely make you a more successful non-profit organization.  By simply being able to be strategic with your fundraising efforts it will make you a better fundraising organization.  With Salesforce you can easily filter and sort a list by who has donated money to your organization on a regular basis and sort it by the amount donated.  This simple report will help you contact the people who are likely to donate larger sums of money and hit them up first!

Just by being strategic and creative with report types you can easily target different types of donors and contact them in different ways.  If making phone calls is not cost-effective for your organization, you may choose to call frequent donors, but then send a letter to the donors who have not donated in a while thus saving your organization time and money.