3 Holiday Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money This Season

With the holidays and black Friday just around the corner and our eyeballs glued to our phones, what better marriage can we think of than shopping applications that will save us money!


Flipp is basically the ultimate compilation of online flyers and can be downloaded on iPad, iPhone and Android.

How Flipp Can Save You Money

Flipp allows you to easily select the retailers you like and then instantly view their online flyers.  You can easily flip through the digital flyers and “clip” the products and prices you think are attractive creating your digital shopping list.


Ebates is a free app that pays its members cash back every time you shop through their participating retailers.

How Ebates saves you money

Ebates saves you money by generating money.  You start by opening the Ebates app and selecting a retailer.  When you make purchases at the participating retailers, a predetermined percentage will be sent to you via check or deposited into a paypal account.  You can also browse exclusive deals and coupons from the app as well.


ShopSavvy lets you scan product barcodes and price compare products in a store to the prices online or nearby stores (via GPS).

How ShopSavvy saves you money

ShopSavvy saves you money by simply finding you a better deal for the product you want to purchase.  Some products can differ by as much as $20 between in a brick and mortar store and purchasing the same product on Amazon.  ShopSavvy makes it quick and easy to find these price differences and save you cash at the point of sale.