Virgin America Inc will seek to raise close to $1Billion with it’s upcoming Virgin America Inc IPO in November 2014.

Virgin America is partially owned by popular business man and investor Richard Branson – a U.K. native.  Virgin America is a seven-year-old airline company.

Perfect Timing for Virgin America Inc IPO

The Virgin America IPO could not come at a better time as the airline industry is in a relative sweet spot for the first time in years.  With the price of oil at record lows and an increase an fares, profits should be great.

Virgin America is a premium-branded, low-cost airline based in California that provides scheduled air travel in the continental United States and Mexico. They operate primarily from their focus cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco to other major business and leisure destinations in North America.

Should I Invest in The Virgin America Inc IPO?

While individual investors do not generally have the opportunity to participate in an IPO and have to wait for public trading to begin, if the shares remain close to the proposed price range ($21-$24) Virgin America could be a great opportunity for a long-term investment.