Short Term Stock Picks for Veteran’s Day

Here are a few short-term stock picks for Veterans Day.  These picks have absolutely nothing to do with Veteran’s day, but nonetheless, are worth thinking about.

We expect people to sell into the news of the record single’s day sales and trade down around $115.  Then look for it to pick-up steam again and roll past $120.  If you’re not into BABA yet, now may be your chance.

Continues to trade down to the mid 30s.  If it hits $35 we’ll be buying some and hoping for a change at the top – (a new CEO) which we think will make the stock pop.

Looks like it can go higher from here.  This one would probably be a longer-term play and not a trade.

The recent sell-off provides an interesting buying opportunity here (currently trading around $107 – down from $114).

Iffy – stay out…if you’re in, get out.