The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds for 2015

With the new year right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about where to invest our money in 2015.  One place we can put our money is into Vanguard Mutual Funds.  Vanguard offers some of the best run mutual funds and also has some of the lowest management fees around.  This is a list of the best Vanguard mutual funds for 2015 investment.

The Best Vanguard Index Funds for 2015

Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VFINX)

All signs are pointing to the stock market having a great 2015.  If you want to take advantage of the market as a whole, you want to be in the Vanguard 500 Index Fund.  The VFINX fund has returned 19.54 percent over the past year, 22.80 percent over the past three years, 15.53 percent over the past five years, and 7.99 percent over the past decade.

The Vanguard 500 Index Fund invests in 503 of the largest U.S. companies that fall across a spectrum of industries including consumer discretionary, staples, energy, financials, health care, industrial, information technology, telecommunications and others.

With a .17% fee, it is one of the lowest fees for a mutual fund allowing you to keep the majority of your earnings!

Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Index Fund Admiral Shares (VCDAX)

Look no further in 2015 than the Vanguard Consumer Discretionary Index Fund Admiral Shares.  With the price of oil falling it is purported that 2015 will result in an increase in Americans spending their money on discretionary items.  Think eating out, home improvement and vacations.  The VCDAX looks to invest in companies that thrive on discretionary purchases by Americans.

According to Vanguard:

This low-cost index fund offers exposure to the consumer discretionary sector of the U.S. equity market, which includes stocks of companies that manufacture products and provide services that consumers consider nonessential, such as retailers, restaurants, and media companies.

Vanguard Industrials Index Fund Admiral Shares (VINAX)

The Vanguard Industrials Index Fund Admiral Shares is another play for 2015 which is going to benefit from lower oil prices.  This fund invests in industrials like aerospace, agriculture and construction – all of which benefit from the lower price of oil and fuel.  Look for the VINAX to be one of The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds for 2015.

Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund Investor Shares (VEIEX)

2015 is going to bring about a lot of change in the global economy and you should consider investing in the emerging markets.  This might not be a year-long play here, but more of a long-term strategy for your portfolio to gain exposure to China, India and Brazil – some of the biggest growth stories that will hit the markets.

Let the experts at Vanguard do the research for you and put a portion of your assets into the emerging markets.

These four funds represent The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds for 2015.  Falling oil prices and emerging markets are where we think we’ll see growth.  Good luck!