How To Save Money During Winter

The winter months are typically spent indoors and it seems when the temperature goes lower, your heat and electric bills go higher.  If you want to know how to save money during winter, we’ve come up with a list that can help you save some cash on your heating and electric bills and also help the planet.

Let’s face it, the majority of winter spending occurs from heating and electric expenses.  Other expenses come from entertainment as being cooped up in one’s house leads itself to seeking more entertainment out of the house or via paid-for media.  We’ll tackle each of these money-sucking traps and help you keep more of your money in your wallet this winter.

How To Save Money During Winter By Reducing Heating Costs

Heat Your Home With Solar Power – Open Your Windows

In my home I have several south-facing windows and even in the dead of winter up here in Minnesota I can raise the temperature in my home simply by opening my curtains and letting the sun in.  Even on days when it is thirty below zero, I was able to open my windows and raise the temperature in my home up to 76 degrees!  This means that my house was not using any heat during the daylight hours.

As soon as the sun goes down, we closed our curtains (to preserve the heat) and set the thermostat to 67 degrees.  It took nearly half the night for the heat to leave the house and the heater to kick-on.  So even when it is bitter cold, the sunny days can provide you with all the heat you need for the majority of the day.

Wear Warm Clothes and Turn The Heat Down

Your body is a great heater, harness that power by dressing a tad warmer when indoors.  By simply wearing a sweatshirt and even a stocking cap inside, you can have a completely comfortable day with the thermostat set at 67.  Contrast that to wearing a t-shirt all day, and you’d probably need to crank up the heat to 72 to achieve the same level of comfort.  A 5 degree change in your thermostat can equal hundreds of dollars of savings per year.

Only Heat The Rooms You Use

Why spend the money on heating the 90% of the house you are not inhabiting.  One way to conserve heat is to not only turn down the thermostat, but to close the doors in rooms that share a central thermostat.  By doing this, your heater will essentially heat a single room and then turn off.  With the doors closed, the heat will not be able to escape into the other rooms which will lower your heat bill this winter.

Change the Air Filter on Your Furnace Monthly

Your furnace will run much more efficiently if you keep the furnace filter new and fresh.  Aim to change it once every 30 days and you will probably notice it runs much more infrequently.  When the filter is blocked, less heat can travel through the filter and throughout your house.  This means your furnace will run longer and harder in order to heat the house to the same levels.

Most filters can be purchased for under $10 – and you’ll save way more than that each month with an efficient running furnace!

Limit the use of Space Heaters To Save Money

Sure, it seems like a space heater may be an efficient use of energy – I mean you’re only heating the space you’re inhabiting, however, a typical 1500 watt space heater can cost over $100/mo to operate!

If you do want to use a space heater, look for one that uses less energy or infrared as those will generate as much heat at a fraction of the cost.

Place the heater close to your body and only leave it running when you need it.  Use them to heat yourself and not an entire room.