Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Review

This is our Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Review.  The Vanguard balanced index fund is available for individual investors and can be purchased through your broker or online.  This fund carries a .24% fee and has a $3000 minimum investment.

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Review

Product Summary

The Vanguard balanced index fund offers a simple and low-cost way to expose your portfolio to the benefits of stock and bond investing.  Below are some key highlights of the fund:

  • Invests roughly 60% in stocks
  • Invests roughly 40% in bonds
  • Tracks two indexes that represent U.S. equity and bond markets
  • Broadly diversified across sectors
  • The fund has a long-term investment horizon and focuses on some growth and some income
  • The fund can, at times, be volatile

Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Performance Review

The vanguard balanced index fund performance has been very good over the past 10 years with an average return of just about 7.5 percent.  This means that your money would have doubled from 2004 – 2014.

Some Quick Facts about VBINX

  • The fund was launched in 1992.
  • The VBINX is of the most diversified balanced funds Vanguard offers.
  • Diversified and powerfully indexed