5 Amazingly Simple Steps To Save $335 Next Month

Put some extra money in your wallet this month with a little self control, homemade caffeine and a colder shower

If you find yourself strapped for cash from month to month and would like to have some extra green in your wallet I’m going to show you how to save $335 in 5 simple steps.

You may think there’s no way I could have $335 extra in my piggy bank come the 30th of the month but it’s possible.

The fact of the matter is that as American’s we’re spenders and everyone is after our money.  Next month, promise me you’ll follow these steps.


Step 1:  Save $50

Yeah, it sounds simple.  When you get your next pay check, quickly tuck $50 away.  You won’t miss it, trust me.


Step 2:  Drive 5 mph Slower and Save $25

Did you know that by simply driving 5 mph slower you can get an extra 4-7 miles per gallon?  On an average 15-gallon tank, you’ll end up getting an extra 70 miles driven which equates to around 3.5 gallons of gas per tank or on average 7 gallons per month.  You just saved another $25.


Step 3:  Brown Bag It – Save $150

The average american will eat-out 4-5 times per week at an average of $8/meal.  If we estimate 4 weeks in a month, this will cost us $128/mo.  The price goes even higher if you take the entire family out for pizza and a movie.  For this month, you have to bring your lunch to work and do not eat out at all!


Step 4:  Brew Your Own Coffee – Save $75

For this month, you must brew your own coffee.  You are not allowed to stop at Starbucks for your double mocha frappuccino.  Before there were coffee shops on every street corner, people brewed it themselves!  Combine your latte savings along with that gourmet muffin and your savings could be more than $75/mo, but we’ll play it conservative here and say you’ll bank another $75 by skipping the espresso line.


Step 5:  Water Heater Efficiency???  Save $35

This is an obscure savings, but can provide a little fattening to the ole wallet.  By simply lowering the temperature of your water heater from 140 to 120, you can save about $400/year – That’s about $35/mo savings just by having water that will be plenty hot but won’t scald your skin.  Do it.

There you have it.  5 simple things you can do next month to have an extra $335 in your piggy bank.