eHealthInsurance Review – ObamaCare Open Enrollment 2015 Is Here

eHealthInsurance is one of the most well-known and established health insurance websites in the industry

It’s time once again to sign-up for your health insurance for 2015.  The open enrollment period for ObamaCare 2015 is upon us and we need to ensure we get registered to avoid any tax penalties.  This will be an eHealthInsurance Review that will hopefully help you in choosing how you apply for health care coverage online.

Did you know that under the new healthcare regulations, you can no longer be denied care for preexisting conditions.  You can now feel confident signing-up for healthcare coverage for your entire family.

But where should you go to sign-up with such a limited time to enroll?

eHealthInsurance is America’s #1 Private Health Insurance Site has made it very simple to shop for insurance across a vast array of plans.

  • More than 13,000 plans from 180+ insurance companies
  • Experienced, licensed agents available 24/7
  • eHealth doesn’t charge additional fees, and you won’t find lower prices anywhere
  • Remember to enroll within your eligibility period

eHealthInsurance is not an Insurance company…they are a broker

It is important to note that is not an actual insurance provider, but rather they are an insurance broker.  they make their money off of commissions for referring you to actual insurance companies.

eHealthInsurance has existing relationships with many different insurance providers and also has access to all of the information from these providers regarding pricing and various types of coverage available.

With all of the information from these insurance providers compiled and organized in the cloud, eHealthInsurance can quickly and efficiently help you pick the appropriate plan without you having to call each of the companies they work with individually.


While this sounds like a great deal, you definitely could be missing out on a better offer or coverage that is more suited to your needs.  Since eHealthInsurance does not work with everyone, there is indeed potential to miss-out on a better plan.

But you can use this to your advantage.  Don’t use eHealthInsurance as your only shopping experience for your health coverage. Instead, treat them as a single quote, knowing that they have shopped several insurance sites for you.

The Final Review on

The final verdict is in and we’re a proponent of  The fact that the service is free to the consumer makes it virtually a risk-free way to shop for affordable health insurance.  You’re not obligated to purchase any of the plans they come back to you with.

The only thing you’re really out if you choose not to pick a plan with is your time.  For these reasons, we see no reason why not to use eHealthInsurance as part of your health insurance research and purchasing process.

ObamaCare Facts: Facts on the Affordable Care Act 2015

Compared to 2014, ObamaCare version 2015 is not much different.  In review of ObamaCare 2015, we’ll review a few of the notable changes and ensure you know everything you need to know for the enrollment process.

Open Enrollment Period for ObamaCare 2015

Open enrollment for ObamaCare 2015 will be between November 15, 2014 and February 15th, 2015.  This means you have a 3-month window in which to enroll, switch plans or apply for cost assistance.  Don’t miss the window!

Employer Mandate 2015

The large-employer mandate that was supposed to take effect in 2015 has been pushed-out until 2016.

For a comprehensive list of ObamaCare facts, visit this website: