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Trade Alert – BUY TWTR, BABA

We have been successfully swing-trading Twitter (TWTR) for the past few weeks with buys below $39.70 and Sells around $40.27 for quick and easy 1.5% profits. After reaching the $42 mark last week, Twitter once again took a nose-dive down…

Short Term Trade Alert: UA, FL

Shares of Under Armour (UA) fell by 2% down to $68.85 off from yesterday’s highs of $70.80.  We will be picking up some shares of UA and looking to sell on Monday morning for a profit of between 1% and…

Sell UA, Buy TWTR

November 20, 2014 Short-Term Trade Alert Sell 25 UA (Under Armour) @ $70.80 – 2.19% profit Buy 50 Twitter (TWTR) @ $39.68 Immediately initiated a Sell GTC + Extended @ $40.47 – potential 2% profit.